Watch Video Whitepaper: How to Make an Employment Brand Irresistible to Top Marketers

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How to Build a Successful Marketing Team

Make Your Business a Magnet to Top Marketing Talent

Good marketing is essential to your business’s sustained growth, and great marketers are essential to good marketing. But you’ll never be able to bring that talent in-house if no one wants to work there. As the war for exceptional marketing talent heats up, you need every advantage you can get to attract top marketers at all levels. Our president Bob Van Rossum explains what the best marketing professionals want most in an employer, including:

  • The direct and indirect value of improving your employer brand;
  • What top marketers in particular look for more than other professions;
  • Steps you can take to improve your perception among potential candidates.

What Top Marketers Want Might Surprise You

As exclusive recruiters of advanced marketers in every field and discipline, we’ve found time and again that the best ways to attract the interest of top talent is considerably different from any other profession. Exceptional talent with a proven track record of success can afford to be selective with who they work with. Find out how to use organizational branding to make your company an irresistible career destination for top marketers and grow your business with better marketing.