Watch Video Whitepaper: How to Build a Stellar Marketing Team

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How to Build a Successful Marketing Team

How to Assemble a Team of Talented Leaders and Marketing Experts

When you first step in as a CMO, your greatest responsibility is to evaluate the capabilities of your company’s marketing team, identify talent gaps, and strategically hire top marketers to lead the company’s growth. In this exclusive video, four-time CMO Tricia Conahan explains how to move into a new leadership position and effectively build a team. You will learn:

  • How to identify, engage and retain the top performing players already on staff;
  • Best practices for finding and recruiting marketing experts to your organization;
  • The importance of hiring exceptional marketing leaders and building bench strength;
  • How to hire experts in marketing fields you are not familiar with.

What Every Marketing Leader Must Know

As the former CMO of four different organizations, Tricia Conahan knows a thing or two about overhauling a marketing department and building high-achieving marketing teams. From addressing the concerns of current staff to preparing for the unknown, learn how she finds success again and again and leads organizations to sustained success.