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If your organization is still wrestling with a difficult digital transformation, the veteran experience of an interim digital marketing leader could be what you need to finally make the change and pave a route to future success. We live in an irreversibly digital society.  Yet in a world of endless data, an ever-growing Internet of […]

Even as one of the oldest and most mature digital marketing disciplines, email marketing continues to change and evolve quickly. Brands that are able to change along with it will continue to be able to take advantage of one of the most ROI-providing channels, while those that can’t will increasingly find themselves in the spam […]

The discipline of search engine marketing (SEM)  is a relatively young one, yet many dedicated professionals have found their way into it both intentionally and by happenstance. Today’s pool of SEM experts is fed by a wide variety of talent streams in both digital and traditional marketing that, somewhere along the way, found that search […]

Marketing has become a data-driven discipline that begins and ends with the vast expanse of technology and tools at the CMO’s disposal. Those options and the growing tech-savvy of top marketing executives are making all the difference in the CMO’s rising stature and reputation in the ranks of senior corporate leadership. The #CMO role has evolved […]

Despite a relatively modest adoption rate, attentive marketers at all levels still have plenty to learn from the launch and evolution of the Apple Watch–both from the device itself and what it represents as the tip of the wearable smart-tech iceberg. This year Apple will sell over 10 million of its new Apple Watches, more than […]

For many businesses, Big Data remains an untamed beast rather than a productive workhorse. Organizations will need to learn how to rein it in if they hope to remain competitive and provide exceptional customer experiences. As with so many other areas of the modern economy, marketing has been revolutionized in the past few years by […]

Fortune 500s and smart, forward-looking enterprises are quickly hopping on the Chief Marketing Technologist bandwagon and reaping the benefits. Are you among them, or is your business one of those that’s getting left behind? Until relatively recently, technology leadership was not a critical aspect of marketing management—and marketing certainly isn’t at the top of the […]

Over one billion connected devices will be sold globally this year as consumers demand for seamless connectivity grows. But according to Google’s Sales Director Martijn Bertisen, most marketers still haven’t grasped the importance of mobile, despite the fact that devices now outnumber humans. As a consequence, what most marketers are able to offer now on mobile […]

If you’re not looking to bolster your marketing organization with a data scientist or two already, you will be soon enough. And when you start the search, you’ll probably find it a difficult one. But search you must. On the eve of a digital society producing 400 zetabytes of data, the opportunities presented by better […]

You’ve worked hard to stock your digital marketing department with intelligent, talented experts and provide them with the training and resources to excel at their jobs. But if your digital marketers don’t understand their place in the larger digital strategy of your organization, most of that effort was wasted. Specialization is important, but marketers that […]