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Here’s a problem that marketers, even  talented digital marketers, are experiencing: Everybody understands the ability of individual, meaningful connections. The more customization (and personal link), the greater. Promote brand loyalty and building customer associations has been demonstrated to boost spending. In order to overcome this challenge, marketing automation consultants may  be what you need to streamline […]

Mobile marketing staffing faces the ever-increasing complexity of engaging customers across the constantly evolving ways they prefer to interact. Digital marketing talent must think the way they do, tailoring the approach to their expectations and using the most personal channel to interact: mobile. Connecting at Just the Right Moment with Mobile Marketing Staffing “Mobile moments” are a […]

Awesome post on the challenges of digitally transforming an organization and workplace to function at its highest ability. We’ve talked in the past about how an interim marketing executive search can help organizations overcome this challenge, but even with that kind of extra leadership firepower it’s not easy. Firms must be on point with their […]

Have you considered using mobile web games in your marketing or advertising? If not, then now might be the perfect time to try something new that could revolutionize your digital strategy and give you a competitive edge. And before you ask: yes, gamification can work and deliver surprising results. Even in so-called “boring” industries. Consumers simply love playing […]

Programmatic advertising is growing quickly in scope, investment, variety and reach. However, in a busy marketing environment with a lot going on, many marketers haven’t been able to keep up with this quickly growing trend. If you’re just now getting on the programmatic train, here’s what every marketer needs to know to get started: It’s […]

It is becoming increasingly important for marketing leaders to be able to design and build meaningful, consistent data analytics frameworks– setting goals tied to ROI-oriented objectives, determining relevant KPIs to pursue, and tracking the right metrics to inform decision making. To succeed in these ambitious goals, executives must architect marketing organizations that are agile and collaborative, supported by […]

Mobile data usage has skyrocketed, rising nearly 70% in just the last year. But following users across devices and channels continues to be among the biggest challenges for today’s marketing departments and agencies. The widening gap between where consumers spend their time and marketers’ ability to track them will be one of the most important challenges […]

Before marketing departments and agencies have even even gotten comfortable formulating strategies for engaging mobile users, another  disruptive technology has already arrived to make their tasks even more challenging: wearable devices. This new wave of tech promises to influence nearly every aspect of digital marketing, including (and perhaps especially) email. Wearables aren’t an upcoming trend; they’re already here, […]

Budgets for digital marketing efforts across the board are increasing again this year in large companies, growing another 8% with no signs of stopping. That has big long-term implications for what will be required for success by Chief Marketing Officers. Marketing’s influence over technology decisions and resources has never been higher. Soon, marketing departments will […]

Digital marketing is in a constant state of transformation, driven by engaging content easily accessible by consumers on the medium of their choice. Organizations that can generate this kind of content will be able to earn a huge leg up on competitors who can’t keep up with an increasingly fragmented audience. Currently, just 14% of […]