Surviving in a Digital World with the Help of Your Digital Strategy Agency

Ah, the age of digital. It surrounds us and consumes us. Without the advancements of technology, where would we be? This is especially true in the world of marketing. You can say it’s a major disruption. Companies that run on traditional practices of marketing are scurrying to keep up with the transformation of digital marketing while companies that are tech-savvy are struggling to stay creative and afloat against the competition.

Companies that haven’t adjusted their strategy around the innovations of digital technology are falling way behind. Digital transformation is reshaping the marketing industry faster than we can blink our eyes. Turn to your digital strategy agency today to ensure your brand doesn’t! Here are some tips to keep you aligned with digital transformation:

What Is Digital Transformation?

Traditionally, digital has simply been seen as the domain of marketing. This includes web marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and so forth. It was lightly tied around existing products and services, and marketing could independently operate from the rest of the departments within a company.

However, digital transformation has disrupted marketing’s isolated dominion in two ways:

  1. Digital is now also the concern of sales, customer service, billing, and — most importantly — the development and operations of core products and services. It requires deep, real-time collaboration between all of these departments.
  2.  In a digital business environment, the levers that have the greatest effect on so-called marketing outcomes — growth of revenue and the brand — are not necessarily owned by the marketing department. They can be driven more by products and services teams.

Digital is now deeply infused and integrated into the core business. It can no longer be separated into its own entity. It’s essential to have an omni-channel perspective when approaching your strategy and to have a cohesive understanding across all spectrums within your company. Ask your digital strategy agency how to streamline all of your business objectives across all departments to amplify your digital efforts.

Many Brands Are Struggling to Keep Up

The scope of digital marketing sophistication is skewed within the industry, as shown in the graph below. Many brands are still uncovering the basics of digital marketing. This shows the disparity between the speed at which digital is evolving and the speed at which companies are trying to keep up.

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Source: CustomerThink

Digital is a business transformation agent. If you don’t innovate around digital you run the risk of becoming extinct. -Raman Sapra

IDC predicts that within the next three to five years, “there will be a big increase in businesses embracing wide-scale digital transformation plans.” You put your brand at great risk by not adapting to the quickly shifting world of digital. SAP’s digital transformation officer, Chakib Bouhdary, suggests businesses focusing around “design thinking,” which entails building a culture of innovation throughout the organization. While most companies have the foundation to implement new technology, the real problem lies with finding creative ways to solve problems.

New technology invites disruption, and disruption can’t fit into concrete, established and operational ways of thinking.

This brings us to our next topic. An effective digital transformation isn’t just about the technology you use and implement. It takes compelling and creative thinking among your marketing team to successfully push your efforts forward.

Don’t Be Fooled… It’s More Than Technology

An effective digital transformation strategy isn’t just about hardware and software but requires agile and intuitive thinking. It’s crucial to ensure your strategy includes business objectives and ways to approach them in a creative and innovative way while implementing the right technologies.

Bouhdary suggests starting by defining your “digital destiny.” To do this, align your new and old business models and determine which ones are out of date. By doing this, you can easily identify which new business models work best for your digital approach and the ones that don’t. Part of establishing the best business models may involve investing in your company’s “digital IQ.” This may entail budgeting for a qualified digital strategy agency whose primary focus is to emerge the right partners to properly train your company’s current IT and marketing teams.

Choose your starting focus point on your company’s customer needs and evaluate what they want. This should be the start for every company when building or adjusting their strategy. Remember, your brand exists to serve them.

There’s a Catch?

With more advancements in technology comes more complexities, making it more competitive to keep up with the world of digital.

Businesses are now focused on how to drive revenue growth, enhance customer experience, increase productivity and manage risk, instead of just one or two major objectives.

Gartner predicts some of the biggest technology trends in 2017 will be advanced machine learning, augmented reality, and intelligent apps. These technologies may be complex but may help automate and simplify certain tasks for workers in the future by facilitating some of the complexities by driving innovation.

Digital Strategy Agency, 6 Tips on Digital Transformation You Can Use Today

Source: Gartner

A creative eye is needed to figure out how to strategically implement these new technologies to help a business thrive.

As companies strive for disruptive innovation, they must find ways to inject and scale creativity across their organizations. -Bouhdary

Ask your digital strategy agency how to make sure your marketing team is properly keeping up with digital transformation while possessing a creative and intuitive mindset to help them adapt to the fluidity of digital.

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Take Action!

  1. Take ownership: Take ownership of the process. Become familiar with what digital transformation entails and what it means to your company. It’s also a good practice to study how other businesses have successfully approached it.
  2. Make mistakes: Don’t be afraid to mess up. Marketing is all about risk-taking, and you won’t know what works best for your company without trial-and-error. This is going to be inevitable for many companies as they just start to approach digital transformation.
  3. Get physical: Take an active approach to your new digital strategy. Instead of meeting virtually, hold meetings for not just your marketing team but the whole company to have open discussions and brainstorming sessions. Make your KPIs and objectives for the company be known across the whole company.
  4. Keep learning: To get the whole company on board with digital transformation, marketers need to keep learning about digital technology to educate others. It’s extremely difficult to move your company forward when there isn’t a harmonious understanding between your teams.
  5. Choose technology carefully: While it’s important to keep up with technology developments when creating a strategy for digital transformation, it’s important to carefully select what technology is effective for your business. Too much technology forces you to have to maintain and monitor more than what’s needed, which is a waste of time.
  6. Outsource to a digital strategy agency: It can be overwhelming to deal with digital transformation and difficult to determine where to start. Rather than overloading your marketing team with technologies and responsibilities, enlist the help of an experienced digital strategy agency to alleviate the pressures.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Let’s face it. Even if a company is falling behind in the world of digital, it ultimately becomes marketing’s responsibility to make sure their brand keeps up as their customers become more and more digital.

Don’t get wiped out by digital transformation- instead, use it to your advantage! Use it to enhance your marketing efforts TODAY. With the help of a digital strategy agency that ensures all of your marketing channels are working together toward one complete vision, your brand will be armed and loaded to take on digital transformation in 2017.

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