Cue the Wedding Bells for Content Marketing and SEO

Love these thoughts on the necessary marriage between successful SEO staffing alongside a cohesive content marketing strategy from Andrew Moravick, the content manager for Aberdeen Group! If you want to learn more, read Aberdeen’s full, free report: Marrying SEO & Content Marketing: The Power Couple You Can’t Ignore.

If SEO and content marketing could have a wedding, I’m willing to bet that “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys would be their first song.

Song by the Beach Boys, and hosted by SolsburyHill22

Without the rise of content marketing, SEO could very well have faded into obscurity as keyword-crazy, long-tail-term-tricked-out, meta-tag mosaic web pages with top search rankings, but little value to the searcher, eventually expended SEO’s utility. Similarly, without the formulaic and data-driven framework of SEO best practices to build on, content marketing could have easily gone off the rails by covering any and all random topics, instead of zeroing in on what really matters to buyers.

This is what makes SEO and content marketing such a power couple, they complement each other perfectly.

A Marriage Based on Love…and Performance

Of course, the marriage between SEO staffing and content marketing staffing doesn’t just produce a cute couple that’s always heartwarming to see as they canoodle around during the holiday season. No, when marketers actually put this marriage of SEO and content marketing to work, by aligning and informing their content efforts with SEO insights and supporting their SEO efforts with rich, valuable content, they produce measurably better results than their peers.

Think I’m still just a hopeless romantic? Look at the findings in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: How SEO-Enabled Content Marketers Perform Against Their Peers

It should come as no surprise that SEO-aligned content marketers excel at driving traffic from search. In fact, they average 55% more traffic from search than their peers (36.9% vs. 23.8%). But, this is no “more traffic” vanity metric; SEO-aligned content marketers produce 35% more content marketing-sourced marketing qualified leads (MQLs) when compared to marketers with no SEO-alignment (35.4% vs. 26.1%).

Overall, this means that SEO-aligned content marketers are better able to increase the inbound flow of traffic to their web properties and, as a result, out-produce their peers on content marketing’s MQL output. Moreover, with a 46% higher conversion rate when turning site visitors into MQLs (12% vs. 8.2%), we see that SEO-aligned content marketers are also more effectively being found by the right people. In other words, they are not winning on traffic volume alone.