The 5 Fundamental Talent Pillars Needed to Support a Great Content Marketing Team

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Content marketing is gaining popularity at a tremendous pace as one of the few ways to reliably engage an increasingly ad-blind audience. But as more and more content gets produced, organizations will have to up their content game if they want to be heard above all the noise. And the best way to do that is to assemble an experienced team of A-players that will plan, create, distribute and promote remarkable content and use it to drive interest in your brand and move consumers closer to a conversion.

Content comes in many shapes and sizes. It starts with foundational tactics such as blogging, social media, and email marketing. But it should quickly expand and transform as your content foundation develops and your strategy matures into video creation, podcasts, in-depth reports, and more. You need a team to support each stage of the process. Without gathering that support through meticulous content marketing staffing, you won’t be able to reach the full potential of this marketing method.

Each type of team member brings a specific set of critical skills to the table. Business leaders on a budget may be tempted to cut corners and combine or skimp on certain roles during their content marketing recruitment. But I’d advise that you find individual specialists for each role. Not only will doing so give you a fresh set of eyes and propel your business to the forefront of your audience’s vision; a team of content marketing specialists will bring you a much higher return on your investment than generalists.

1. The Analytics Expert

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Content brings no value to your business without strategy. For example, a cute cat video might bring millions of views to your YouTube channel… but that traffic probably won’t translate into more sales if you’re a B2B utility provider.

The strategic analyst lays the foundation for all your content marketing efforts, using methods such as competitive analysis, content auditing and industry standards to guide your efforts. Without such a strategist, you’re just publishing content for the sake of “putting something out there.” That’s a recipe for failure; you don’t want to just be throwing content out there and seeing what sticks.

Good marketing analytics staffing runs on numbers. He or she can look at hoards of data, pull out the most important ROI-centric metrics and translate it all into actionable advice for the rest of the team. The analyst will evaluate the success of your campaigns based on the tracking systems that he or she has implemented. If you really want to invest in strategic content marketing, don’t overlook this vital person on your team.

It takes a special kind of person to understand data. Find that person with a carefully directed marketing analytics recruitment effort, hire him or her and never underestimate the value he or she brings.

2. The Project Manager

Project managers keep the gears of your content marketing turning smoothly. They make sure everything is getting published on schedule, on the right channel and with the best quality.

Effective marketing project management staffing is critical particularly when your content marketing is in full swing and you’re juggling multiple campaigns across a variety of channels. Your content production team may be talented, but they’ll probably also be very busy. The project manager serves as the second set of eyes on the project, making sure everything is going according to plan. And they also serve as a liaison to coordinate with other marketing teams and the rest of your business to maximize efficiency.

3. The Content Creators

These are the creative individuals charged with crafting the “meat and potatoes” of your content: copywriters, script writers, video recorders, etc. You’ll want to seek out creative staffing with a great track record in his or her specialty channel. They should also be able to keep an eye on the content space you’re competing in, do thorough research, and curate related content that others have published. He or she will know how to spot great content– the kind your audience will really respond to–among the noise.

A Great Rundown of Content Curation and its Role in Content Marketing

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Find the right person that aligns with your goals, can communicate in a manner that’s consistent with your brand and has a knack for making persuasive, compelling and innovative content.

4. The Designer

Regardless of the type of content your team generates, it will almost always need the discerning eye of an experienced designer. This person should understand how to capture the essence of your brand in your design work as well as operate on best creative practices to optimize the effect of your content.

The designer maintains the tone and vision of your brand as well as for the content itself. Make sure your design staffing is up to the task of communicating these important aspects in their layouts, artwork, templates and more.

5. The Publisher

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The publisher is responsible for distributing and placing your content in the most opportune places at the most effective times to get the best response. A good publisher is a promotions expert who loves to spend his or her time making new connections and building relationships. It’s important to conduct outreach to get the word out about your new content, and your content publisher will help you do it.

Whether it’s strategically scheduling blog posts, submitting a new infographic to an industry website, or developing relationships with key influencers who will be able to improve visibility, the publisher makes sure your carefully-crafted content gets in front of the eyes of your target audience.

Does your content team lack any of these key players? If so, make preparations to get fully staffed as soon as possible. Making content marketing work means investing in the right people to make it happen.

Article Source: Entrepreneur

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