8 Reasons to Intensify Your Marketing Job Search This Summer

summer contract to hire marketing

Some of the hottest job-searching months for marketers of all levels reside in the hottest time of the year. Whether you’re actively searching for a new role or casually keeping an eye out for good opportunities, we anticipate this summer to be an excellent window to your next career move.

Hiring across the board has been steady all year, and that trend should continue (along with higher salaries) in marketing and elsewhere through the new season.

TWEET THIS: Here are eight reasons why you should put extra effort into an additional push for that new marketing job between now and Labor Day

Here are eight reasons why you should put extra effort into an additional push for that new marketing job between now and Labor Day:

1. Summer months are slower periods for many industries

contract to hire marketing

This initially seems like it would work against your favor. After all: why would a business hire in a period of relative downtime? But for advanced marketing roles, the summer months often prove to be the best opportunities for organizations to strategically augment their marketing team with key players.

Hiring managers, HR personnel and internal marketing recruiters may actually have more time to interview candidates because they’re not as busy. For example, accounting firms are busiest in the winter and early spring, so summer is a more convenient time for them to acquire and train new staff in all their departments. Retail companies that rely on a big holiday season through late autumn and much of winter experience a similar ebb and flow. They’re not as occupied now as they would be during periods of high activity, so they can devote more resources into carefully hiring the right talent.

2. The jobs are there

Despite a still-recovering economy, the job market for experienced marketers is fairly strong, especially in digital verticals. Organizations are hurrying to catch up on the endless new marketing channels and strategies that seem to crop up on a weekly basis, and they need new expertise and capacity to make it happen.

Companies still need to hire even when everyone would rather be at the beach. This is the time of year where many of them are finalizing their marketing plans for the rest of the year and putting the finishing touches on holiday campaigns. Smart businesses are looking to fill any key voids in their talent pool now so they won’t be left scrambling for qualified marketers at more critical times.

3. Lower competition

The many temptations of summer–from vacations to pool parties to general drowsiness from the heat–will lure away some of the less-dedicated job hunters. That’s a smaller pool of applicants you’ll have to fight to distinguish yourself from, and fewer resumes you’ll need to beat to end up at the top of the pile.

4. Contract to hire marketing roles abound

Many organizations will hire contract marketers during the summer to fill extended vacations and sabbaticals. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and make a name for yourself, especially in companies that are typically hard to break into. If you make a good impression and the circumstances are right, these roles will frequently become contract to hire marketing positions and result in full-time employment.

5. Nonstandard networking events

networking marketing contract to hire

Summer is a social season, providing unique networking opportunities. From golf events to barbeques, parties to casual industry get-togethers, nimble networkers are able to make important connections that are often difficult in more formal, professional environments.

6. Faster hiring is possible

Yes, the summer can stretch out the job interview process. But it’s just as likely to expedite it. With a bit of luck, the schedules of all involved in the hiring process will align. If no key players are off on vacation, businesses can speed up interviews (sometimes to as little as a few days for some roles) to avoid having to schedule multiple meetings and dragging things out.

7. Transition and onboarding are easier

Summertime is typically a less hectic time to move into a new work environment. You can get acquainted with the company and your coworkers at a steadier pace when fewer people are in the office and business is relatively quiet. And if relocation is involved, it puts less stress on families since the move won’t interfere with the school year.

8. More wiggle room for interview time

Let’s face it, if you’re currently employed but looking for a new opportunity, finding time for an interview without making it obvious to everyone at work is tricky. From a practical standpoint, summer is often the best season to carve out some time during normal business  hoursfor one or more interviews that could last quite a while.

Many companies have a more lax schedule in July and August. Some offices close early on certain days while others have more unofficial long weekends. Managers are often on vacation or may take long lunches, so you’ve got more of a chance to slip away unnoticed. Also, your boss won’t think it’s odd if you take a vacation day or two. You could even consider taking a “job search vacation” where you conduct a week-long blitz of intense searching and interviewing.

Job hunting during the summer can be tricky. Beyond getting sweaty in your interview outfit, there are particular speedbumps that crop up more frequently this time of year due to timing and schedules. Because of vacations and irregular work hours, trying to schedule interviews can be complicated. An interview process that would typically take a couple of weeks may take a month or more, so patience is key. Don’t feel discouraged if the process takes extra time, and do your best to stay in communication with hiring managers while being sensitive to the nature of their own summer workdays.

If you’re serious about making a marketing career move, capitalize both on summer’s energy and  the myth of summer slowdowns by beginning or doubling down on your search. There are full time and contract to hire marketing jobs out there–and it’s the tenacious, persistent job hunters who push through the heat that will win them.

Article source: Forbes

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