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Videos are a fantastic way to interact with and engage your audience on social media as they give businesses an opportunity to connect with their audience on a personal level. No matter what industry you’re in, video should be a critical part of your marketing strategy if it isn’t already. Why? Simply because people love videos! According to HubSpot, […]

If you’ve been even remotely connected to the realm of digital marketing recently, you’re no doubt aware of its constant, rapid changes. Digital marketers have been forced to evolve and add new skills to their marketing stack in order to remain competitive. As digital marketing recruiters we have a firsthand perspective on digital marketing trends […]

Marketers, still treating your resume and LinkedIn profiles more or less the same? If so, you’re probably utilizing one (or both) the wrong way. Your resume and LinkedIn account are undoubtedly among the best tools available to market your professional skills, experience and talent to marketing recruiting firms and potential employers. Unfortunately, many marketing professionals […]

Social Media is the Prime Place for People to Share Their Experience of Events as They Happen.  In 2016, the top 10 most tweeted moments all occurred during football matches, from fans tweeting about teams losing to the mass celebration of last minute goals. Your brand can use social media management to take advantage of events […]

Follow the market’s latest trends by hiring millennial marketers and enhance your customer’s experience. A skilled social media staffing agency will also keep your business updated on the do’s and don’ts in the ever-evolving world of marketing. America’s population is continuously growing, and today 42% of Millennials are people of African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic descent, according to Push Consulting […]

Facebook has just released a new tool to help connect employers and job seekers. And like everything else the social media juggernaut does, the move has major implications for both marketing professionals and social media marketing recruiters. It may also impact how businesses approach the challenge of “how to hire great marketing talent.” What #marketers need to know […]

Live streaming is growing dramatically in popularity. And like almost all emerging media enabled by new technology, there are numerous potential applications for innovative marketing organizations to take advantage of. Live streaming enables your brand to immediately, directly, and in real-time reach, entertain, and communicate with your audience through video communication. It’s powerful, but comes […]