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Effective marketing technologist recruiters are necessary to stay competitive in any marketplace because it's increasingly difficult to keep up with changes and consumer trends. More than ever, it's important to stay modern with your resources and talent. In today's rapidly evolving environment, it's easy to get left behind without great marketing. The key to consistently great marketing? Better marketers.

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The CMO's Guide to Integrating New Marketing Tech with Marketing Technology Staffing

Hours go into the preparation, including plans around architecture, customer experience, and account strategy. However, often times nobody is thinking about what life will be like after going live–the time most rollouts fail. Read more

How Analytics and Technology are Propelling CMOs to C-Suite Prominence

Marketing has become a data-driven discipline that begins and ends with the vast expanse of technology and tools at the CMO's disposal. Those options and the growing tech-savvy of top marketing executives are making all the difference in the CMO's rising stature and reputation in the ranks of senior corporate leadership. Read more

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