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Update: Marketers have to be lifelong learners to stay in the game-that is especially true for digital marketing. Our Atlanta marketing recruiters bring digital marketers some resources they can use to update skills and creative resume ideas to showcase those skills. Update: 5 Trendy New Marketing Skills to Add to Your Arsenal in 2017 As seasoned […]

Update: As a marketer, the role can be demanding and require much of your attention. Your time is valuable and should be compensated as such. Learn about the top marketing jobs that have great work balance and techniques on how to negotiate your desired salary. Good news on the marketing career front! In addition to […]

Consumer expectations and modern media are evolving and becoming more sophisticated at a frantic pace. The world of public relations and corporate communications is changing along with them, though not always keeping up. Forward-looking professionals in these fields who can see what’s changing can take advantage of the chaos to get the attention of public […]

About B2B Marketing Blog Established in 2004, B2B Marketing is now the number one, go-to resource for marketers in B2B across the globe. Right from the start they had a clear mission to actively empower marketers and leaders to drive serious business growth. The online publication does this by delivering strategic guidance, skills, and inspiration, […]

The quickly growing power of influencer relationships has not gone unnoticed to our marketing communications recruiters, and we’ve been looking for hot talent with the ability to build relationships with those key personalities. Here are the 5 biggest trends in influencer marketing to watch for in 2016: 1. 3 New Channels Standout Among the Rest Facebook […]

The world of Public Relations has changed drastically in recent years, and not all professionals in the discipline have kept up. As the rules of corporate communications have evolved around shifting consumer expectations and new technology, businesses must be able to find leaders who understand the modern communications landscape; especially if their brand relies on […]

Technology is creating an increasingly fragmented marketplace. There are more channels and marketing tools than ever before to choose from. Picking the right ones could make or break your future growth. Here’s what you need to know about modern communications in an increasingly digital age—and what to do about it. Public Personal Relations Public relations […]