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We frequently approach marketers with great marketing contract staffing roles and other interim job opportunities. However, one common problem is that they’re unsure what a reasonable rate is for their hourly work. This is especially common in professionals who have spent their entire careers working full-time positions. #How much should you charge for your hourly #marketing […]

What is the recipe for a modern Chief Marketing Officer? What skills does it take to reach the C-suite as a marketer? These are some of the questions Robert Steers, Head of Digital and CRM at Step Change, set out to answer during his recent paternity leave. Steers examined the LinkedIn profiles of hundreds of Chief […]

Update: Marketers its 2017! We have recent updates to help you in your new year job search. Check them out to reap in the benefits and land that role you’ve had your eye on since last year. Welcome to 2017! Hopefully your 2016 was as successful as it was chaotic. Marketers have had their work […]

Update: Want to be a 39 year old CMO? Check out our updates on how to increase your chances of catching that big break you want sooner than later. Picking up the phone when the right people call could mean the difference between years more at your current job and a move to a higher-level marketing […]

An MBA is a valuable but expensive investment, especially given today’s ballooning higher education costs. It’s not a commitment most people can afford to take lightly. If you’re considering getting your Master’s degree to develop a marketing executive career, it’s important to be strategic about when and where you commit a huge amount of effort and money […]

The career ambitions of marketers vary widely from professional to professional. Some want to jump onboard an innovative startup and help it grow from the ground up. Others have their eyes set on an office chair in a famous ad agency. However if you were to poll everyone in our industry together, perhaps the single […]

At some point during your marketing career, you’ll undoubtedly find some moments when you decide it’s time to make a move to a new job. The real question is; will you do it on your terms, in the most favorable situation–or will it be at a time when you’re poorly equipped to make a smart, empowered […]

Saying “no” to a tremendous career opportunity is one of the hardest things anyone can do. In the short term, it often means declining a better salary, greater prestige, more authority, and postponing the job of your dreams. Yet sometimes it’s the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your career. Are you […]

  What’s your vision for your marketing career path? If you see yourself simply climbing the ladder, working full time job after full time job as you work your way up to more senior and management positions related to your expertise, there’s nothing wrong with that. But many professionals believe this to be the only […]