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Using marketing automation a small team can compete with a 50-person marketing department. Lead nurturing and marketing communications are automatically triggered based on your customers' actions, behavior and other criteria.Investing into marketing automation staffing talent and software can save thousands of dollars in your marketing budget and significantly increase efficiancy. Our combined experience with both marketing automation and recruiting helps us quickly understand exactly what you need right now. It's why growing companies, large established brands, dynamic agencies, and innovative departments turn to us time and again to deliver results.

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4 Traits You Need to See in Your Next Marketing Automation Hire

Marketing automation cuts out repetitive, mundane tasks that have been distracting marketers forever. From manual reporting to tedious email campaigns to labor-intensive media buying, there are countless things that take up your marketers' time but don't take advantage of the strategic and creative talent you hired them for. Read more

How to Construct an Analytically-Oriented Marketing Operation

It is becoming increasingly important for marketing leaders to be able to design and build meaningful, consistent data analytics frameworks– setting goals tied to ROI-oriented objectives, determining relevant KPIs to pursue, and tracking the right metrics to inform decision making. To succeed in these ambitious goals, executives must architect marketing organizations that are agile and collaborative, supported by analytically-minded talent from the ground up. Read more

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