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As the year draws to a close, business leaders and hiring managers need to be acutely aware of how ‘bonus season’ can affect a marketing executive search and strategize accordingly to get top talent. If you’re recruiting a top candidate toward the end of the year, odds are high that they’ll have an end-of-year bonus […]

Over the last few years, the corporate world has seen new C level titles popping up as the business world is experiencing rapid change. A new Chief _________ Officer title seems to emerge every few months. Some of those executive trends have had staying power, while many more faded into obscurity and irrelevance. The Chief […]

What is the recipe for a modern Chief Marketing Officer? What skills does it take to reach the C-suite as a marketer? These are some of the questions Robert Steers, Head of Digital and CRM at Step Change, set out to answer during his recent paternity leave. Steers examined the LinkedIn profiles of hundreds of Chief […]

Relocation is a tough sell to almost any professional–even if you’re offering them a high-paying job at a prestigious brand. If your location isn’t exactly a dazzling hotspot destination, attracting the best out-of-town marketing talent becomes even harder. No matter how much you love about your city, it’s difficult to overcome the reputation it might […]

As executive recruiters for marketing and digital fields, we frequently encounter the subject of executive coaches. Sometimes candidates will ask if we recommend one, or we’ll work with talent that already has some kind of life/career coach, or someone in our network will share their experience with one. We’ve seen a lot of success stories […]

What Are Your B2B Customers Trying to Tell You? Adopting strategies and techniques that are designed to increase customer satisfaction for the long haul are now more critical than ever before. Our top executive search firm agrees and here are three ways to see your customers. You must listen to what your customers are saying Engage […]

As a marketing executive recruiter, I often get asked: “What kind of degree should we be expecting in candidates when we’re looking for a marketing executive?” It’s a good question; a college degree can give some valuable insights into a candidate, but it’s also easy to be misled or put your focus on the wrong […]