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The way consumers are interacting with media is changing. You're no longer just competing with other organizations to put the most compelling ads on the most cost-effective media space. You're competing with every digital content producer in the world for attention. And the only way you can expect to win is to produce better content of your own and effectively put it in front of your target audience.

Content is the foundation of your inbound marketing, but it can't stand alone. It must be supported by strong market research, analytics and promotion strategies. If you can't identify the kind of content your customers want and the best way to present it to them, even well-made content becomes effectively useless. Compliment your inbound marketing staffing with the talent necessary to ensure its success.

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Cue the Wedding Bells for Content Marketing and SEO

Without the rise of content marketing, SEO could very well have faded into obscurity as keyword-crazy, long-tail-term-tricked-out, meta-tag mosaic web pages with top search rankings, but little value to the searcher, eventually expended SEO's utility. Similarly, without the formulaic and data-driven framework of SEO best practices to build on, content marketing could have easily gone off the rails by covering any and all random topics, instead of zeroing in on what really matters to buyers. Read more

All the Marketing Talent You Need to Dominate Today's Search Engine Results

Contrary to the annual obituaries declaring it's dead, SEO remains alive and well–and as critically important to your business as ever. About half of web traffic is still driven by organic search–valuable visitors to your web properties and content that you can convert into customers. But to get your slice of the online traffic pie, you must have consistently high search rankings–and that requires outstanding SEO talent and SEO strategy and execution. Read more

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