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Almost two years ago, MarketPro took the initiative to adopt its very first growth hacker–a unique professional with the strategic horsepower and technical capabilities to quickly revitalize and reorient our marketing in a more productive direction. Now as we look back on her success so far, we’d like to share a little bit about our situation […]

Featured image: The first winning submission to the Starbucks #WhiteCupContest by Brita Lynn Thompson. Modified image. Source. CMOs, you now live at a time where consumers would just as soon trust a brand recommended by a 25-year-old YouTuber  as a star athlete. Where a 10 second customer-recorded mobile video can deliver more business than a high-production TV […]

You’ve probably seen it before in a movie or comic: a plane full of screaming passengers tailspins out of control, trailing smoke and hurtling towards the ground only to be saved at the last moment by Superman or one of his heroic peers. Now imagine your marketing in the same place, out of control and […]

Many companies understand the value of a strong consumer brand and actively attempt to improve and use it in engaging consumers, enhancing customer service, extensive market research, tracking, testing and more. Yet few put even a fraction of that effort into the other demographic they’re courting:  talented employees. A healthy employer brand is an invaluable […]

When you’ve decided to leave your current job for another, two weeks is more than enough to to effectively transition your responsibilities and move on. Many top performers have a certain amount of loyalty and obligation to their current employer—especially if they’ve had a long tenure. And they certainly want to leave on good terms, […]