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Marketing has fragmented drastically in recent years to take advantage of myriad emerging technologies and strategies, and marketing jobs old and new have evolved to make use of them. Today marketing jobs take many forms and titles, but not all are created equal. Some, while engaging on a day-to-day basis, may have little potential for […]

Executive marketing teams around the world have been adding and experimenting with new roles to respond to a quickly-changing marketing landscape. One of the newest positions to gain traction is the Chief Customer Officer. The CCO role is still evolving and has yet to develop established responsibilities across the board. But if your brand relies […]

Digital marketers come in many forms, and not all of them are right for every situation. Some are veritable Swiss Army knives; ready to tackle almost any job even when they’re not the best-equipped for any one area. Others are more like a surgical scalpel or butcher’s knife; perfectly suited for a very particular kind […]

Several noteworthy swells are forming in the wide ocean of B2B marketing this year, and you’d do well to pay attention to them. One could very well be the wave you catch that brings you to more growth and better ROI. Keep an eye on these B2B marketing trends that are picking up momentum now […]

Take an increasingly familiar situation: faced with stagnant growth and awash in a rising tide of pressure to fulfill the role of Chief Growth Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, a modern CMO sets to work reviving their company’s marketing. They adopt sweeping new changes to align the department with modern best practices. They make essential […]

You’ve invested heavily in developing your new product. From research and development to logistics and manufacturing, you’ve put countless dollars and man hours into making it a good or service you know consumers want. But even the best-designed products will never live up to their full potential without the support of a customized marketing plan. […]

The job description is the face of your employer brand–one of the most important ways to market your job and your organization. If you want to attract the best marketers, you must present yourself and your opportunities in a way they’ll notice and appreciate. As important as they are, job descriptions rarely get enough love. […]

When you’ve decided to leave your current job for another, two weeks is more than enough to to effectively transition your responsibilities and move on. Many top performers have a certain amount of loyalty and obligation to their current employer—especially if they’ve had a long tenure. And they certainly want to leave on good terms, […]