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MarketPro has partnered with a top consumer brand here in Atlanta in search of an awesome Advertising Copywriter. This individual will be a key member of an internal agency comprised of writers, designers, producers, marketers, creatives, strategists, and storytellers who collectively develop outstanding creative work. The Advertising Copywriter in this marketing staffing role will engage […]

Look at any thorough marketing job description, and you’ll no doubt find a laundry list of practical experience and technical skills needed to be effective in that role. But what’s not always listed are soft skills that enable you to thrive in a given business environment and culture. Sure, if you’re an SEO guru or peerless […]

This is the perfect time of year to catch a breath, reflect on what you’ve learned in marketing this year, and plan for the months ahead. Mobile has revolutionized every aspect of digital marketing, and advertising is certainly not except. Here’s how your mobile marketing staffing can adjust its strategy for 2016 to wring more ROI […]

Programmatic advertising is growing quickly in scope, investment, variety and reach. However, in a busy marketing environment with a lot going on, many marketers haven’t been able to keep up with this quickly growing trend. If you’re just now getting on the programmatic train, here’s what every marketer needs to know to get started: It’s […]

Despite a relatively modest adoption rate, attentive marketers at all levels still have plenty to learn from the launch and evolution of the Apple Watch–both from the device itself and what it represents as the tip of the wearable smart-tech iceberg. This year Apple will sell over 10 million of its new Apple Watches, more than […]

Few things are a bigger waste of resources to job-searching marketers than a resume purchased from a professional writer. In the professional resume writing world, there’s no shortage of individuals and agencies lining up and promising job hunters all kinds of results. They offer to create a comprehensive resume of your experience and qualifications, presumably […]

It might be time for marketers to move on from an old reliable advertising model that’s losing relevance in a fast-moving digital age. The Four Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – have been an advertising industry cornerstone since Northwestern business school professor Philip Kotler first included them in his book, Principles […]

One of modern marketers‘ biggest challenges is nailing down the elusive buying persona of the Millennial. Drawing generational lines is always a difficult task, but Millennials are typically seen as the age group incorporating those born between 1982 and the early 2000s, which means anyone aged between 15 and 33. With over 80 million members, it’s […]

Stop me if you’ve heard or said one of these before: Millennials… are lazy. have no ambition. aren’t dedicated. don’t take responsibility. overestimate their value. aren’t loyal. We get it. We’ve had to adjust our screening methodology for our marketing and digital staffing teams to improve the quality of our millennial contract hires. But here’s the […]

  If you can’t Tweet, you might get beat — in the job hunt, that is. Develop basic social media skills or be ready to be disappointed on the job hunt. Social media is increasingly becoming more popular for companies, recruiters, and staffing agencies searching for potential employees, as its usually quicker and more cost effective. […]