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    Are you looking to advance your digital marketing career? Having the right skillset and experience is only part of the formula for digital marketing career growth. The other part is looking in the right places for new opportunities. Some markets will have more open, related jobs than others. MarketPro has once again done […]

More and more people every year–including marketing contractors and full-time staff–are working traditional professional jobs from a nontraditional location. New business management techniques and breakthroughs in technology have made it easier for many roles to be completed outside of the confines of office walls. In the United States, more than 25 million professionals will do […]

When you make a big business investment into a resource that’s available for a limited time, it’s important to start getting value from it as quickly as possible. That’s true for equipment, partnerships, tools and perhaps most importantly, talent. Interim marketing talent comes in many forms. Flexible workforce solutions for marketing abound, from digital marketing consultants to […]

Re-evaluated your marketing priorities lately? The digital landscape is constantly changing, and it’s all-too-easy to miss a valuable opportunity–or overcommit to an outdated channel or tool. As a digital talent agency we frequently encounter potential clients that are “just a few years” behind digital–which of course means they might as well be a century back. […]

Some fascinating research that any leaders brought in through digital marketing executive search should take note of. Email marketing staffing is as important as ever, though it’s not as hot and trendy as some other digital channels. However, consumer expectations have shifted and you strategy should adjust alongside them. Email Marketing Staffing: Pay Attention to […]

Have you considered remote marketing staffing lately? More businesses across industries and sizes are realizing the benefits that remote working has to offer. Last year saw a 26% increase in open marketing job postings and 83% of hiring managers said telecommuting would be “more prevalent in the next five years.” The Right Candidate Isn’t Always In […]

Digital marketing is evolving quickly, and digital marketing specialists have to keep up or get left behind. But staying up to speed and constantly updating your skillset is hard when you’re so busy with your day-to-day work–how can you make sure you’re keeping ahead of the pack? 5 FREE apps #digitalmarketers can use to learn new […]

More and more is being demanded of marketing departments and teams every year from a production and ROI perspective. But those higher expectations aren’t always matched with corresponding raises in budgets and headcount. Your current staff is already busy and worked to capacity as-is; so where can you turn to get the additional resources you […]

Like a talented digital advertising leader, you’re continually searching for methods for getting your model before more clients without breaking the budget. Internet affiliate marketing techniques carried out strategically through digital advertising staffing may serve as that extra advantage that helps develop your customer base. If handled correctly, an internet marketing plan may take into account […]

Rather than engage with the finer points of SEO, and gain a true insight into prospect and buyer wants, needs and their use of language to find what they need, too many business leaders prefer to pass SEO development to their digital agency rather than SEO consultants, in the hope that magic will make it all […]