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Content Marketing Recruiters Understand the Importance of Content for Your Success

People are drawn to valuable, entertaining, informative content of all kinds. If you create quality media and promote it effectively, your inbound marketing efforts will ensure that people in need of your product are coming to you. With wuality inbound marketing staffing talent you can become an industry authority and thought leader, improving your brand image in the eyes of consumer. With experienced content marketing recruiters like MarketPro you can easily assemble a team to generate great content and create the strategic support it needs to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

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3 of 2016's Most Important Content Marketing Trends

Enterprises will begin more digital marketing executive searches for leaders to oversee content initiatives. If 2015 was the year of the content manager or director, 2016 will be the year of content marketing executive recruitment for VP and higher roles. Content is not a channel; it's related to every aspect of advertising, marketing, and communications initiatives. As such, it requires senior, strategic oversight — something companies are coming to recognize. Read more

In-House or Outsourced: Determining the Right Solution for Your Content Marketing

As its ROI has become more apparent and supporting systems and strategies have grown in accessibility, content has become one of the hottest topics in all of marketing. But as interest has grown, many companies are left wondering what the best way to create and execute a content strategy is. Read more

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11Apr 2018
content marketing recruiters content marketing staffing

Even in the midst of major developments in technology and digital, content will continue to be a core pillar of effective marketing. This means the demand for qualified content marketers will remain at an all-time high, making the competition in the job market increasingly intense. How do you measure up against the competition when seeking […]

12Feb 2018
How to Equip Your Team for Smashing Influencer Marketing Success

Over the past few years, social media recruiters have seen a significant rise in influencer marketing and the benefits brands can reap when they approach it the right way. It’s gone from an emerging marketing tactic to an integral part of most marketing strategies that can be powered by your in-house social media experts or […]

29Aug 2017
digital marketing recruiters digital marketing specialists

Although it’s a relatively new discipline in marketing, the landscape of content marketing has quickly evolved. As content marketing recruiters, we often find many organizations have difficulty in finding professionals that possess the qualities of experienced yet innovative content marketers. The world of marketing is constantly changing, which means content marketers need to have the ability […]

27Jul 2017

Many think that a meticulous editing and proofreading process would be recommended for any and all blogs. However, this isn’t always the case. Every blog is very different, so rather than offering a one-size-fits-all suggestion of proofreading, I’d prefer to provide you with tools that will help you evaluate your own publication. Afterward, you can […]

19Jul 2017
top digital marketing recruiters

If you’ve been even remotely connected to the realm of digital marketing recently, you’re no doubt aware of its constant, rapid changes. Digital marketers have been forced to evolve and add new skills to their marketing stack in order to remain competitive. As digital marketing recruiters we have a firsthand perspective on digital marketing trends […]

11Jul 2017

  Marketers keep bankrolling content, but still don’t seem to understand how to really leverage that investment. Content marketing staffing may be able to aid them in getting the most out of their investment, however, there are things that marketers need to learn on their own about the rapidly changing world of content marketing. Not […]

02May 2017

Your quickly-growing business will benefit from skilled content marketing recruiters that will help revamp and repurpose your content marketing. Check out how to #revamp your business’s #content #marketing correctly Click To Tweet

25Aug 2016

 As a marketer who pays attention to the latest trends, updates, and developments it’s imperative for content marketing recruiters to remain abreast of the quickly-evolving world of content marketing. Below are some secrets and tips from marketers regarding their biggest content challenges. Producing good content is effort for manufacturers. One constant issue in the Digiday […]

28Jul 2016

Marketing automation and account based marketing are convenient, but if a B2B company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy in place to support them, those measures are destined for failure. Without skilled content marketing staffing talent to create and implement an effective strategy, many B2B companies may fall behind depending on marketing automation. CEO of […]

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