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The Benefits of Consumer Marketing Recruiters

In today's competitive environment, you need innovative talent to communicate with your audience; not someone who can maintain the status quo. Consumer marketing recruiters bring you marketers best suited to your company's unique needs to build a strategy for sustained growth and better marketing ROI. MarketPro's ability to find the best professional and cultural fit for you leads to our industry-best 98% stick rate, so you can be sure you're hiring the right people.

In a competitive environment, every day counts when it comes to your consumer marketing strategy. You can't afford to lose revenue while a position remains open through a slow recruitment process. MarketPro's time-to-fill is less than half the industry average, so you don't have to wait while your competition passes you by.

How Consumer Marketing Recruiters Deliver the Best Fit


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Retail marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, and brick-and-mortar marketers and e-commerce managers alike are struggling to determine the best way to consistently keep customers coming and converting. E-tail and retail competition are at an all-time high, and brands that fail to keep up are at immediate risk of falling far behind. Read more

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Creative, Even in a Data-Dominated Marketing World

It's no secret that the best marketing organizations are transitioning into analytically-based operations that make empirical decisions based on meticulously gathered data. But if you're growing into a digitally-oriented, data-driven organization at the expense of your marketing creative, you're setting yourself up for long-term mediocrity. Read more

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Consumer Marketing Recruiters' News

26Mar 2017

By ensuring your business pairs with adept consumer marketing recruiters, your company can increase  your customer loyalty and satisfaction in no time. It used to be that after someone had interacted with your business, they might share their experience with their friends and family, good or bad. But with social, such interactions are amplified – now, when someone deals […]

04Nov 2016

Read more about the importance of your company engaging with email marketing staffing firms and consumer marketing recruiters who can increase your CLV. Choosing the Right Metrics There are two important metrics to focus on during the early part of the customer lifecycle: Early Repeat Rate (or ERR) and Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (or (P)CLV). ERR captures […]

14Jul 2016

How Do International Brands Cater to Their Customer’s Needs Intimately? Our Social Media Recruiters React Through the lenses of our social media recruiters we don’t see much difference either way. Well for one, it’s just customized to their language and location. Marketing resources may be stretched and having one base creative makes it much easier to roll […]

23Jun 2016

Attract high volumes of social engagement through content marketing! Our content marketing recruiters share some ideas on how to grip your audience’s attention. As a consumer marketing executive search firm we take pride in helping other marketers succeed with great ideas. We enjoy reviewing articles from Marketing Land’s Kerry Jones for reminding us it’s important […]

18May 2016

As omnichannel marketing recruiters, we know that the absolute best way to future-proof your omnichannel strategy (and any other marketing strategy) is to have outstanding marketing talent and leadership on hand. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other steps you can take. Check out these ideas for preparing for a multchannel future with that […]

26Feb 2016

Insightful thoughts from the CEO of Brand Vista! He does a great job of explaining how your brand and customer experience translate into business growth. He highlights that experience goes beyond just customer service and reflects many touchpoints. If your brand still isn’t delivering outstanding experiences, consider a brand marketing executive search to bring in the […]

16Feb 2016

User experience and customer experience are on the forefront of marketers’ minds and lips these days, and for good reason. Businesses who have successfully improved their UX and CX have been reaping the rewards; earning loyalty and growing revenue. But all the simultaneous hype has generated some confusion because, even though the two are closely […]

26Jan 2016

It’s estimated the international B2B eCommerce marketplace can reach 6.7 Billion USD by 2020  and B2B eCommerce staffing will completely dwarf B2C. That’s big news by itself. This potential, along with the demand driven by the range of borderless company-to-company business, will see the market-moving in exciting directions and many new. With outstanding leadership and […]

19Jan 2016
customer experience recruiters

Retail marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, and brick-and-mortar marketers and e-commerce managers alike are struggling to determine the best way to consistently keep customers coming and converting. E-tail and retail competition are at an all-time high, and brands that fail to keep up are at immediate risk of falling far behind. 3 critical #digital trends […]

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