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Not too long ago, CMOs were predicted to spend more on technology than their CIO counterparts. This shouldn’t come at such a big surprise when considering the rise of new developments in technology, and how they affect the marketing landscape. Your marketing team’s main priority lies in enhancing the customer journey and customer experience, and […]

As marketing technologist recruiters, we’ve watched marketing budgets grow substantially almost across the board in recent years, in large part to take advantage of the rapidly growing suite of powerful marketing tools and technologies. Investments into MarTech are poised to grow even further in the near future. You’re probably spending more than ever on new […]

Customer feedback analysis tools are great way for companies to keep up with their customers, but only if you’re truly getting insight. Most forms of analytics give you numbers with no commentary leaving you to assume. A better approach to the customer experience is actual contact, commentary. Our chief marketing technologist executive search firm believes […]

The world of marketing technology is expanding at an exponential rate, constantly grown and disrupted by innovative products and services that promise new ways for companies to learn about, connect with, engage and sell to customers. Many of these tools have the potential to revolutionize a business and dramatically improve marketing ROI–when used at the […]

Marketing departments are quickly growing to be one of the weakest links in the security of their companies’ data. Leaders in these operations need to act now to prevent a catastrophic data breech or loss if they haven’t already done so. Today’s marketers have unprecedented direct access to proprietary data about their marketing, company, and […]

Very strong and timely post about how to add new tools to your marketing technology suite. As always, we believe that the key lies much more in talent and leadership than the tech itself. That’s why a solid marketing recruitment strategy, supplemented with strategic marketing technology staffing, is always a good starting point. Read more! […]

Interesting thoughts from Scott Vaughan, CMO at Integrated. Sometimes it’s better to stop chasing after every new thing and focus on optimizing on what you have. As marketing technologist recruiters, we’ve found a chief marketing technologist executive search can provide the leadership to balance looking ahead and innovating with ensuring a solid, stable technological foundation. […]

The modern buyer journey is fractured and prospect- driven. Unlike the linear, vendor-led journeys of yesteryear, the buyer is now in full control. With endless alternatives – and also a bevy of merchandise and service advice easily accessible for decision makers – marketers must devise new ways to entice customers and protected brand recognition and […]