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CMO recruiters top skills 2017

Don’t Get Left Behind

The pace of change in marketing is continuously accelerating, and the Chief Marketing Officer must evolve along with it. As CMO recruiters, we know the shifting expectations and challenges of the CMO and have identified the traits needed to overcome them this year.

  • 4 essential skills and traits any Head of Marketing will need to succeed in 2017.

  • A brief explanation of what makes these traits essential, and how to acquire them.

Will You Make it to 2018?

There’s no universal “perfect formula” for a CMO right now. What works best will depend on an organization’s structure, culture and market. But given current trends in technology, marketing, and business as a whole, there are a few capabilities that will be universally essential for a head of marketing to thrive in 2017. Find out what they are, and fill any skill gaps to ensure you find success through the year.