7 new marketing skillsets needed in 2017

Prepare Now for Future Marketing Success

CMOs never get to take a break on the talent front; they must constantly be going to war for new, innovative marketers. Watch this video featuring marketing recruitment expert Bob Van Rossum to learn:

  • 7 new skillsets that almost every marketing operations will need to compete in 2017;
  • Hiring and staffing trends that will present challenges and opportunities in getting the talent you need;
  • Advice for finding and acquiring the rare and elusive experts you need to get ahead in marketing.

Start Now to Put Yourself in the Best Position for 2017

In order to be fully ready to tackle what’s lining up to be a dynamic and tumultuous 2017, you should start your marketing recruitment processes now. As experienced marketing recruiters, we have a bird’s eye view of marketing and hiring trends, and the ability to predict the skillsets and expertise that will get you ahead of the competition in the near future. Watch the video to learn what kind of professionals your marketing should target, and the strategy it needs to take to find and acquire them.