Download Checklist: The 10 Most Important Things to Look for In a New SEO Hire

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Dominate the Search Results Page

SEO is changing quickly, and with it the requirements needed to make outstanding SEO professionals.

Bringing in the right talent could mean the difference between getting your share of the huge portion of web traffic driven by search engines or failing to build a sustainable audience. Today’s best SEO experts need a very specific set of skills and experience to beat the competition. Download our checklistĀ for:

  • 10 traits, experiences and skillsets you should look for when considering an SEO professional to add to your team.
  • A brief explanation why each trait is critical for modern SEO specialists.

Make the Right Choice, the First Time

In today's competitive SEO environment, you can't have the wrong people responsible for drawing organic traffic to your website and other digital properties. A single mistake could tank your rankings. Don't risk making the wrong hire or SEO staffing decision; download our checklist now!