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Marketing Contract Recruiters Recommended Sources of Contingent Labor

Augment Your Marketing Resources the Most Efficient Way Possible

When it comes to getting things done with contingent workforces, marketing executives have plenty of options: freelancers, agencies, marketing contract recruiters and more. Each has a place, so how do you decide which is best for your situation? Our Business Development Director Tom Heene breaks down the options available to marketing leaders and shares how to determine which is most effective for your marketing. Watch the video to learn:

  • the advantages and disadvantages of various contingent labor sources;
  • how to determine the most effective route for your marketing;
  • how to build your case and present it to decision makers in your organization.

Execute Your Marketing the Right Way

With so many solutions for your contingent labor needs, there’s lots of confusion and indecision due to existing regulations, costs and risks. If you’re uncertain of the best way to evaluate your choices, watch this video for a thorough explanation and learn how to navigate the discussion internally. Additional bonus included: evaluation matrix for contingent labor options.