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Brace Your Marketing for 2016

2016 promises to be yet another chaotic year for marketing leaders. After dozens of marketing executive searches this year, we’ve been able to detect some patterns indicating major challenges–and opportunities–for CMOs in the coming year. Download our 2016 forecast to learn about:

  • 8 universal challenges that nearly every Head of Marketing will have to overcome in 2016;
  • incoming trends both organizationally and within marketing that present obstacles to your business’ growth.

Don’t Let the New Year Take Your Marketing By Surprise!

In a dynamic environment where every company’s position is unique and new marketing tactics emerge constantly, there is no consistent recipe of challenges that every CMO will face in the near future. But our experience of CMO executive recruiters communicating with the best and the brightest minds in marketing has shown us a few consistent obstacles that most marketing leaders are preparing for. Get their insight by downloading our forecast and prepare your organization for 2016 today.

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