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Make Sure the Right Talent is Guiding Your Growth

Every new year presents a fresh slate of business challenges that require a new approach to effectively overcome them. Is the person in charge of your marketing up to the task? Even an executive who was an elite CMO last year could have fallen toward the middle of the pack if they haven’t modernized their abilities and mindset for the marketing of a new age. Over the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to engage with top talent for dozens of marketing executive searches; here are the skills we’ve found to be most critical to handle our clients’ most pressing emerging challenges.

4 Skills CMOs Must Have

Is Your CMO Equipped to Handle Modern Marketing?

As a critical factor in the sustained growth of your company, you can’t afford to have someone with an outdated skillset leading your marketing. But marketing is constantly evolving, and very few people have what it takes to stay on top for a sustained period of time. How can you be sure the leader you have in charge now has what it takes to keep your company competitive? Download our report for:

  • The four most critical skills every CMO must have to successfully tackle demanding marketing challenges;
  • the consequences to your business if your head of marketing can’t keep pace with a fast-paced discipline;
  • what to look for during a CMO executive search if your current head of marketing is lagging behind.