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As both an email marketing staffing firm and a social media contract staffing agency, we found this news to be particularly interesting. Email and social have obvious complimentary capabilities, but so far few marketers have been able to make them work efficiently in concert. With digital marketing budgets rising quickly, it’s quite encouraging to see […]

  A content marketer is a master of many disciplines. But what exactly does that mean? What sort of disciplines and skills are we talking about? And what types of knowledge and experience are necessary to be a content marketer? What kind of experience and skills make an elite #contentmarketer? Click To Tweet If a […]

  Having a Twitter or Facebook presence may be a must in today’s digital world, but just being on social media does not equate to success. In fact, some might argue that having a social media account and not using it is probably a lot worse than not having an account at all. However, that […]

The makeup of a modern marketing team has changed drastically in recent years, with critical new positions forming and traditional roles evolving to take advantage of innovative technology and tactics. While not every organization will be recruiting digital marketers to fill every emerging marketing position, there are a few hot jobs that we anticipate will start joining […]

Jason’s Deli–a nationwide “fast-casual” dining chain–has recently won my favor and converted me from an occasional visitor to an avid fan and loyal customer by going above and beyond the call of duty on social media. In my opinion, they put on a clinic as to the kind of strategy and execution employers and social […]