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The Domino Effect of Social For Brand Marketing Executive Search Domino effect: Sharing posts gets more posts shared. Shared posts are amplified by your audience and can be amplified again by their audience (and so on). As brand marketers within a brand marketing executive search firm we know that content has to be of quality as well […]

Popularity on Social Shows Video Staffing Is Staying The access to video, let alone video marketing was extremely limited shy of a decade ago. However, that has changed immensely. Today everyone has an opportunity to partake in the video trend. Social sights have taken advantage and have taken off exponentially as their sights harbor more video […]

Last week, a brand that many people probably assumed was obsolete was given a fresh breath of life by embedding itself in the hearts and pockets of millions around the planet. If you’ve seen someone intently aiming their smartphone at an empty sidewalk and flicking the screen, or are suddenly seeing Facebook posts from your mother […]

How Do International Brands Cater to Their Customer’s Needs Intimately? Our Social Media Recruiters React Through the lenses of our social media recruiters we don’t see much difference either way. Well for one, it’s just customized to their language and location. Marketing resources may be stretched and having one base creative makes it much easier to roll […]

Social media marketing has a mixed legacy, but it’s been shown time and again to be able to deliver results when wielded by the right brand with the right social media staffing strategy. Though most marketers perceive social networks primarily as a way for brands to engage with consumers, the reality we’ve seen as B2B marketing […]

  In the world of social media, there is a flood of available data for marketers to evaluate their progress. Yet poorly guided social media staffing can still often find itself focused on the wrong things. That’s why it’s important to have a successful digital marketing executive search for the right leadership, or at least a […]

Social media is for more than just advertising your services and supporting your consumers. Your social media staffing should also be a channel for reinforcing your brand and putting it on display. CEO of HI-FI Winder Hughes recently named three ways you can use social as a branding tool. Check it out, and consider a […]

We found these thoughts from Erika Trautman to provide some incredibly valuable insights on how video content marketing staffing can easily go astray and fail to deliver the expected ROI. Video content can be a considerable investment, so it’s important to be sure your content marketing recruitment strategy is on point to make the most of your […]

Some 38% of global internet users employ ad blocking of some kind, taking proactive steps to put a barrier between themselves and the businesses trying to reach them through online advertising. This is a momentous trend that’s gaining steam with users on desktop and mobile alike, blocking $22 billion in ads last year and showing no signs […]