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After a period of relative stability, the world of SEO is back to buzzing with activity following a year of significant updates and changes in expectations from users and search engines alike. It’s a stretch to say that SEO has been “turned upside down” or anything quite so drastic, but it’s true that there have […]

Last week Google announced on its Webmaster blog its intention to begin putting more value on a site’s “mobile-friendliness” when evaluating its ranking for a given keyword search. This could have a serious positive or negative impact on your business, depending on which side of the mobile experience divide you fall. About half of all […]

Rather than engage with the finer points of SEO, and gain a true insight into prospect and buyer wants, needs and their use of language to find what they need, too many business leaders prefer to pass SEO development to their digital agency rather than SEO consultants, in the hope that magic will make it all […]