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Consumer expectations and modern media are evolving and becoming more sophisticated at a frantic pace. The world of public relations and corporate communications is changing along with them, though not always keeping up. Forward-looking professionals in these fields who can see what’s changing can take advantage of the chaos to get the attention of public […]

It seems these days that not a week goes by without some flashy new digital tool or trend emerging that promises to revolutionize marketing as we know it and provide unprecedented ROI. Marketing leaders understandably are keeping a wary eye out and considering how these novel tactics and systems could affect their market and their […]

As omnichannel marketing recruiters, we know that the absolute best way to future-proof your omnichannel strategy (and any other marketing strategy) is to have outstanding marketing talent and leadership on hand. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other steps you can take. Check out these ideas for preparing for a multchannel future with that […]