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The Most Essential Trait of Great Marketing Staffing Agencies

Contract staffing is an excellent way to fill temporary and immediate work needs more easily and economically than taking on a full-time employee. But if you want to get the best talent, it’s imperative that you partner with marketing staffing agencies that can consistently deliver the results you need.

In order to ensure the quality, high-performing marketing talent you need, seek out a staffing agency that specializes in marketing.

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Get Ahead of the Competition with Better Marketers

In today’s hiring climate, contract staffing has become a standard option for companies in all industries. Staffing firms come in all shapes and sizes, from general staffing agencies that will attempt to fill just about any job, to specialized legal or IT recruiters that fill a specific niche.

As with almost any other product, you get a higher quality when you work with a smaller team of focused experts than a large organization delivering a generic service. At a time when it’s more vital than ever to have a strong, experienced and dynamic marketing team, expert marketing staffing agencies can bring you to the top-tier talent you need.

Marketing has tremendous potential value and is moving faster than ever—are you getting left behind while others steal your market share? When you need A-level talent that will secure your competitive edge, build a better marketing team with reputable marketing staffing agencies.

How to Tell If Your Marketing Staffing Agency Really GETS Marketing

You know that people who understand modern marketing and have experience filling marketing jobs will do a better job of finding great marketers for you than outsiders looking for a quick buck. It’s no surprise that firms with a background in marketing and do nothing but place marketing talent will deliver more consistent results.

But how can you tell who to turn to?

  1. The first way to weed out staffing agencies is obvious; when you’re looking for a marketing talent, only partner with firms that specialize in marketing. When you’re hiring for a position that matters, disregard agencies that have a different specialization, or none at all. Be wary of any that claim a focus on marketing in addition to several other fields—they may be spread too thin among several or not any different in practice from a general staffing agency.
  2. The second is more difficult. Once you’ve found dedicated marketing staffing agencies, you have to decide which has the experience and resources to help you the most. One way to identify a more reliable agency is to find one where the staff has in-depth marketing experience. If they’ve spent time embedded in a marketing agency or department, they’ll be better able to understand your needs and communicate with top talent. They’re more likely to keep up with the changing marketing landscape and be familiar with the most important industry trends.

When you need marketing that really makes a difference, don’t settle for second-tier talent from a staffing firm with no expertise in the field. Partner with the real experts or risk falling behind.

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