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Update: We brought you insider tips on the most fertile grounds for digital marketers. Now we’re back with some new tips on how to sharpen your skills and stay updated with digital marketing trends. Looking to grow a career in digital marketing? Turns out, some grounds are considerably more fertile than others. MarketPro crunched the […]

Update: When deciding whether or not to relocate, there are many factors that need to be considered such as salary and what locations are fertile for your role. We’ve updated this posts to answer these questions for you. Check it out to see if relocating is an option for your career.  If you’re an ambitious, […]

The advertising agency is in a state of flux. Agencies are scrambling in their advertising recruitment efforts, struggling to find the talent they need at all levels. As an advertising recruitment firm, we really love these insights from Kerry Beutel from WHITE64 on the challenges facing the industry, and the solutions provided. If you’re struggling to […]

There’s an abundance of salary information available to professionals these days, which is a double-edged sword. In theory, more informed employees are better empowered to negotiate favorable terms and earn their market value. But we’ve found as digital marketing headhunters that many of the resources available online to marketers, from salary calculators to annual guides […]

No matter how good you are at marketing an employer or client’s products, you’ll rarely be able to grow your career if you can’t effectively market yourself. Your skills and experience will only get you so far if you’re unable to express them to potential employers and marketing recruitment companies. Yet many marketers shoot themselves […]

A disturbing 80% of marketers already say they’re overworked. And two in three of them expect their workloads to increase in the coming year. Marketing departments and agencies across the country are quickly approaching a perfect storm for employee burnout, which has dire implications for any marketing operations with ambitious targets to reach in 2016. Marketers […]

It’s no secret that marketing gets more and more complex with every passing year. New strategies emerge constantly to work with innovative tech and channels, and marketers have to evolve or fall behind. But adding complexity isn’t a guarantee of success, and marketing recruitment agencies want people who can drive consistent results. That’s why this […]

Image source If you’ve been getting consistently unsatisfactory results from your contingency marketing recruiters, don’t expect that to change any time soon. Their search model simply isn’t optimal when you need quality talent that’s a strong fit for your skill needs and company culture. The Costs of Uncertainty Contingency firms never know where their next […]