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If you’ve been even remotely connected to digital marketing at any point over the last twenty years, then you’re no doubt well aware of the meaning and value of Search Engine Optimization. But you might not realize that SEO isn’t just a way to get higher rankings on the SERPs–it can also be used to […]

Update: We gathered new information to provide you with tips on how to prepare for your interview, standout from competition, and impress employees after the interview process. Update: How to Set Yourself Above the Competition in Interviews for a Senior Marketing Role Once we’ve got them scheduled for an interview with one of our clients, […]

Note from the editor: This post was written by one of our content development interns, Danielle Brown. Danielle is an extremely bright and passionate student of Marketing at Georgia State University. -Mark Miller Gender diversity, a topic appearing with more and more frequency these days, is making an impact on business leaders, top marketing headhunters, […]

Questions about your interest in a position are common at the early stages of the marketing recruitment and interview process. The way you respond could mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams, or missing out on the perfect career move without even realizing it. How do you answer this #interview question: “How interested […]

As content marketing recruiters, our clients frequently asks us what we think should be qualities of a content marketer. The short answer? Content marketing requires diversity in thought and application, so should your marketer. Our content marketing staffing agency vet new hires for these two qualities first. Experience and creativity are priceless for this role. Content […]

Marketing is changing at an increasingly rapid rate. New digital tools and tactics are constantly emerging to dethrone long-time kings. Disruptive products and players crop up on a constant basis with novel approaches and innovative ideas, vying for your market share. Even long-established pillars of marketing are being fundamentally changed by analytics, technology, and shifting consumer […]

As you grow your marketing career and move your way up the ladder, it’s likely that at some point as you move into leadership roles that you’ll be offered stock in the form of Restricted Stock Units (RSU’s) or stock options as part of a compensation package. Understanding the advantages and potential drawbacks of this sort […]

There’s recently been a lot of misinformation circulating that recommends to professionals that they withhold their current and past compensation when being considered for a new job. This is, frankly, shortsighted advice that could hamstring your marketing career advancement, especially if you’re a senior marketer. In reality, keeping your salary history secret from prospective employers […]