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Today's businesses live and die based on their ability to accurately evaluate a situation and reliably predict outcomes. That requires advanced data gathering systems and and marketing analytics staffing resources to process that data into effective recommendations. Our marketing analytics staffing team is made entirely of former marketers that understand the critical importance of data-based insights. And we can leverage that expertise to find top analytics talent and deliver it to you.

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Data Science vs Analytics: The Expertise Your Marketing Needs Most Now

Two of the hottest talent commodities in the marketing realm right now are marketing analytics experts and data scientists. Our society will have produced a staggering 400 trillion gigbytes of data by 2018, and businesses must be able to handle their share if they expect to grow through the near future. As spending on marketing data increases by a substantial 73% over the next three years, how can you be sure you're getting the most out of your investment? Read more

The Executive Guide to Putting a Leash on Big Marketing Data

A recent survey by Millward Brown reports that just 14% of marketers feel their team effectively uses the consumer, media, and transaction data available to them. And our own CMO survey shows that Big Data is one of CMOs' top three concerns, both in terms of the reliability of their data and the ability of their team to effectively use it. Read more

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If you are a candidate with a background in marketing analytics or data science, see open MarketPro opportunities nationwide.

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