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Read about the importance of monitoring clicks and customer engagement rates with these informative statistics. Your quickly-growing business should engage with a leading marketing analytics consultant and increase your big data staffing in order to generate higher conversion rates. Check out this video: Video By: James Reynolds According to a recent survey conducted by R.O.EYE, the results […]

Learn more about the methods your company can use to enhance your content marketing efforts. Engaging with a skilled marketing analytics consultant can further increase the relevance of the messages your customers see. AI, or ‘cognitive’, marketing systems utilize industrial computing power and machine learning to enhance marketing performance. Below are the three main methods marketers plan to use cognitive marketing. […]

Our marketing analytics executive search firm also wants to see the disconnect of marketing goals seize. Since we are marketing analytics recruiters we know the make-up of a great marketer, but we also see the apparent issues reflected in the numbers. It has statistically been proven that an inconsistent measure of communication can shake a […]

Who would not want a crystal ball, that knew customer’s objectives before they understood themselves? With a marketing analytics consultant, you can effectively direct your marketing analytics staffing to get a better perspective on your customer. The idea of using predictive analytics to affect and to comprehend consumer behavior has tantalized food and retail industries […]

Marketing departments are quickly growing to be one of the weakest links in the security of their companies’ data. Leaders in these operations need to act now to prevent a catastrophic data breech or loss if they haven’t already done so. Today’s marketers have unprecedented direct access to proprietary data about their marketing, company, and […]

We love this interview on marketing analytics use with ecommerce staffing! An excellent question on how analytics capabilities or talent like a marketing analytics consultant can have long-lasting impact on an ecommerce executive’s success. Kristina: Do you foresee analytics having a big impact on ecommerce? Arijit Sengupta, CEO, BeyondCore: “Absolutely, without a doubt. Once e-tailers tap […]