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Do you know how to prepare for an interview? The most important thing to remember when preparing for an interview is:  The Company is NOT hiring you, they are hiring what you can DO for them.  The second thing to remember is interview performance is not indicative of job performance, which means the best candidate does […]

Would You Like to Know When to Walk Away from a Counter Offer? Here are seven considerations: You should be concerned any time it takes the threat of losing an employee for a company to offer a raise, promotion, etc. Once your intention to resign has been announced, your loyalty will always be questioned; counteroffers […]

  Update: We’ve gathered some new information to help you navigate through your next hiring process. Read on and learn a few new techniques and processes to find an outstanding CMO. The average CMO tenure is 18 months and the responsibility of this is shared by company and candidate.  Ultimately neither side knows how to properly […]

Showing interest and being committed are integral to interview success.  This young man impressed after he made it to the interview with a stab wound in his leg. What a way to show how to impress in an interview!  While I would not recommend trying to repeat his feat on the way to your next interview, […]