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Update: Stand out to employers in the interview process with more than the STAR method. Check out these new updates to become one step closer to ace your future interviews.  Update: One Way You Can Distinguish Yourself in Any Marketing Job Interview In addition to the STAR method, there are more ways to make an […]

When you get called in to interview for an advanced digital marketing job, you can take extra steps before and during to represent yourself well and ensure a productive meeting. Titles like “Chief Digital Officer,” “Director of Digital,” or “VP – Digital Marketing” are becoming more and more common—and for good reason. But these positions are […]

When you’ve decided to leave your current job for another, two weeks is more than enough to to effectively transition your responsibilities and move on. Many top performers have a certain amount of loyalty and obligation to their current employer—especially if they’ve had a long tenure. And they certainly want to leave on good terms, […]

Image source So you applied for a great marketing job that you’re really interested in. Even better, your marketing executive recruiter and the client thinks you might be a good fit for the position! You’ve made it past the first round of selection—along with several other qualified applicants. Now What? When recruiting marketing executives for senior […]

Great article from Forbes on The Most Outrageous Job Interview Mistakes.  Reality is the best candidate does not get the job, the candidate who interviews best does. You can learn more about how to interview here: The Phone Interview How to Prepare for an Interview How NOT to Prepare for an Interview Post Interview Thank You Notes

This seems like such a basic part of the job search process, however I am finding more candidates confused about this today than I have seen in during the 12 years I have be in recruiting. Ultimately you need to send a thank you note to everyone you have interviewed with.  In today’s world the […]

Calling it win-win makes this a cliché and while I hate using clichés, unfortunately this is the best description.  Too often in the process of salary negotiation, both sides get too focused on themselves and as a result are too rigid.  A great deal for company and candidate can easily fall apart by focusing on […]

It seems the practice of trying to shift momentum in a marketing candidate‘s favor by imposing deadlines for the hiring company started long before I got involved in the business. Some candidates will create fake counter offers and tell the recruiter they have an offer when they do not. Ultimately, I have rarely seen this […]

There is a lot of bad information out there on how to prepare for a marketing interview, much of which is actually counterproductive to the process. Please DO NOT go out on Google, search for sample marketing interview questions about behavioral interviews or any other type of interview process and waste your time writing out and memorizing […]

After you know how to prepare for an interview you can learn some specifics about the phone interview. How to Prepare for a Phone Interview The phone interview is inherently challenging as you lose the non-verbal feedback you receive in a face-to-face interview.  Ultimately this leads to some common mistakes. Phone Interview Do’s and Don’ts: Do NOT […]