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If you’ve been even remotely connected to the realm of digital marketing recently, you’re no doubt aware of its constant, rapid changes. Digital marketers have been forced to evolve and add new skills to their marketing stack in order to remain competitive. As digital marketing recruiters we have a firsthand perspective on digital marketing trends […]

Is your business updated on the importance of email marketing? An investment in adept email marketing consultants and a partnership with email marketing staffing firms will provide you with top tier email marketing campaigns. The number of marketers who claim to have been fairly successful in enforcing automated email marketing programs has increased from 62% […]

Read more about the importance of your company engaging with email marketing staffing firms and consumer marketing recruiters who can increase your CLV. Choosing the Right Metrics There are two important metrics to focus on during the early part of the customer lifecycle: Early Repeat Rate (or ERR) and Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (or (P)CLV). ERR captures […]

Update: As marketers there is plenty of uncertainty and continuous learning in our profession. Enhancing and evolving your skills should be priority on your list of things to do to remain relevant in the job market. So we updated this posts with additional information on what skills are valuable to marketers and how you can […]

Marketers from all over are noticing the importance of engaging and bringing in quality leads by having effective email marketing staffing firms and SEO. Stay ahead of the changes happening in marketing and make sure your SEO recruitment and email marketing staffing firms are updated on them. More than three quarters of participants (77 percent) say […]

Email marketing isn’t new, but this approach of using email as a stepping stone to your other marketing concepts may be foreign to a lot of marketers. Our job as email marketing consultants is to inform our clients of the many ways email is and has remained effective in marketing strategies. The first skill our […]

Some fascinating research that any leaders brought in through digital marketing executive search should take note of. Email marketing staffing is as important as ever, though it’s not as hot and trendy as some other digital channels. However, consumer expectations have shifted and you strategy should adjust alongside them. Email Marketing Staffing: Pay Attention to […]

The world of marketing technology is huge and growing every day. Some 3,500 vendors offering 4,000 products and services provide myriad ways to engage consumer, including innovative VR tech, wearables, analytics systems, messaging apps and more. These emerging channels and tools are often unproven, but some may hold the potential to revolutionize marketing and drive […]

Another great report on the state of email marketing staffing. Though email marketing is one of the oldest digital strategies, many companies find themselves in regular need of email marketing consultants to keep up with this fast changing discipline. Read on to learn what your organization might be missing, and how to mitigate those deficiencies. […]