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In 2017, eCommerce sales are expected to grow to a staggering $2.290 trillion. Yes, trillion, with a T. eCommerce transactions will account for about 10% of retail sales worldwide this year, and you can assume those figures will only continue to rise. eCommerce is the future of revenue growth for many businesses. Marketing and digital professionals […]

Last week, Amazon held the latest edition of Prime Day, an annual event it puts on for its Prime subscribers. Like most things the eCommerce giant does, it’s something digital marketers and e-tail leaders should keep a close eye on. With the holiday shopping season looming, now’s the perfect time to take some lessons from […]

Email marketing isn’t new, but this approach of using email as a stepping stone to your other marketing concepts may be foreign to a lot of marketers. Our job as email marketing consultants is to inform our clients of the many ways email is and has remained effective in marketing strategies. The first skill our […]

Last week played host to Amazon’s second annual Prime Day, a self-created holiday the ecommerce giant dropped in the middle of the summer to drive sales and drum up interest in its premium subscription service. When one of the largest ecommerce actors in the entire world makes a big play, it’s always worth watching intently to […]