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Digital staffing agencies provide you with flexible digital talent solutions. Your marketing needs tochange constantly, and your marketing team must adjust along with changes in your strategy. Digital contract staffing through MarketPro gives you access to the best available talent at times of need, then releases you of your employment obligations when the need changes. It's a more affordable alternative to outsourcing more work to your agency or indefinitely employing marketers you may or may not need several months down the road.

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How to Tell if You Need Digital Marketing Staffing

If you are not sure whether you need a full time employee or digital marketing staffing talent, download our chart. It will help you determine the nature of your needs and whether staffing would be a good fit. Read more

Staffing for Digital Marketing: The Many Benefits of Interim Talent

Have too much to do and not enough people to do it? While in theory this situation is welcome for any business, the realities are not as pleasant. Landing a big new contract or opening a division may be great for future expansion, but in the meantime you're faced with a big problem: getting talented people on staff. Read more

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31Jul 2014
digital marketing headhunters

Certain traits and mindsets are essential on both sides for any strong staffing firm-candidate relationship. Staffing agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Job candidates are even more varied, from graduates hunting for their first professional position to executives considering the next step in their careers. With so many variables involved, how can you know […]

27Mar 2014

What’s going on with digital marketing? The keyword is talent gap. Research from OMI showed that 71% of large companies believe that their digital team isn’t strong in all areas of digital marketing. As a result, companies are either increasing training or improving skills with existing employees, or they are turning to the HR department to hire […]

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