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Digital staffing agencies provide you with flexible digital talent solutions. Your marketing needs tochange constantly, and your marketing team must adjust along with changes in your strategy. Digital contract staffing through MarketPro gives you access to the best available talent at times of need, then releases you of your employment obligations when the need changes. It's a more affordable alternative to outsourcing more work to your agency or indefinitely employing marketers you may or may not need several months down the road.

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How to Tell if You Need Digital Marketing Staffing

If you are not sure whether you need a full time employee or digital marketing staffing talent, download our chart. It will help you determine the nature of your needs and whether staffing would be a good fit. Read more

Staffing for Digital Marketing: The Many Benefits of Interim Talent

Have too much to do and not enough people to do it? While in theory this situation is welcome for any business, the realities are not as pleasant. Landing a big new contract or opening a division may be great for future expansion, but in the meantime you're faced with a big problem: getting talented people on staff. Read more

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21Apr 2016

Personalized marketing at scale is set to become a game-changer for B2B. The convergence of predictive analytics, intelligence-led content creation and marketing automation is unlocking possibilities the sector could only dream of a decade ago. But for many brands, data quality will be a limiting factor. Unless action is taken, it could put a stranglehold […]

17Nov 2015
contract marketing staffing rewards

  Recognizing and rewarding hard work, innovative ideas and exceptional results is a basic tenet of good management. But the approach you take to reward  and motivate contracted marketers and digital staffing must be different from how you would incentivize your full-time employees. Many benefits you wouldn’t hesitate to hand to an excellent employee or high-performing team […]

13Nov 2015
recruiting digital influcencer marketers

  Think social media is only useful for branding and product awareness? You’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what exceptional social media management staffing can bring to the table. Effectively leveraging the right social networks not only provides value to your customers–it can also improve job satisfaction within your own company. Companies with […]

20Oct 2015
digital advertising staffing pop up

Ad blocking technology that allows web users to automatically filter out digital advertisements is growing rapidly in popularity around the world. And if you’re not careful about where and how you place your ads, you could be the one getting blocked out of your target audience’s online experience. It’s easy to understand why consumers might […]

16Oct 2015
PR marketing analytics staffing organization

It is becoming increasingly important for marketing leaders to be able to design and build meaningful, consistent data analytics frameworks– setting goals tied to ROI-oriented objectives, determining relevant KPIs to pursue, and tracking the right metrics to inform decision making. To succeed in these ambitious goals, executives must architect marketing organizations that are agile and collaborative, supported by […]

09Oct 2015
marketing analytics recruiters and staffing

Mobile data usage has skyrocketed, rising nearly 70% in just the last year. But following users across devices and channels continues to be among the biggest challenges for today’s marketing departments and agencies. The widening gap between where consumers spend their time and marketers’ ability to track them will be one of the most important challenges […]

18Aug 2015
CMO executive recruiters digital marketing specialists

Automation could be the missing link your organization lacks that’s holding it back from being truly strategic and creative. Today’s marketing environment requires businesses to be nimble and responsive to changes in the market and shifting consumer demands. But many are still mired in the same day-to-day grind of demanding marketing work that’s been present for […]

15Jun 2015
Starbucks digital marketing recruiter

Featured image: The first winning submission to the Starbucks #WhiteCupContest by Brita Lynn Thompson. Modified image. Source. CMOs, you now live at a time where consumers would just as soon trust a brand recommended by a 25-year-old YouTuber  as a star athlete. Where a 10 second customer-recorded mobile video can deliver more business than a high-production TV […]

13May 2015
finding digital marketing staffing

Let’s face it; even the best colleges in the greatest university system in the world aren’t equipped to produce a strong digital marketer right out of school right now. And when demand for reliable digital marketing talent is at an all-time high, this is a problem. Higher education’s struggle to develop quality digital marketers isn’t […]

10Feb 2015
digital marketing staffing ad blockers

One point of confusion we often encounter from clients who have decided to use contract staffing is the level of experience and quality needed to take on to effectively fulfill their needs. And there’s no universal answer; each situation will require a unique approach depending on the work that needs to be done and the […]

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