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Sometimes you have specific media needs but don't wan't to commit to a full-time hire. Maybe you can't quite fit it in your budget this year. Maybe you just need temporary assistance for cyclical work or additional bandwidth to execute a critical project. Whatever the reason, you need some extra media talent…and you need it fast.

That's where MarketPro comes in. We connect you with our network of experienced, proven media specialists and find someone who fits your situation. Our industry-experienced digital media recruiters understand your needs better than anyone else and know how to identify the right talent to fill them.

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How to Keep Ad Blocking from Killing Your Digital Advertising ROI

Ad blocking technology that allows web users to automatically filter out digital advertisements is growing rapidly in popularity around the world. And if you're not careful about where and how you place your ads, you could be the one getting blocked out of your target audience's online experience. Read more

5 Steps to Integrating Your Cross-Channel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is in a constant state of transformation, driven by engaging content easily accessible by consumers on the medium of their choice. Organizations that can generate this kind of content will be able to earn a huge leg up on competitors who can't keep up with an increasingly fragmented audience. Read more

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20Nov 2017
New 20 Questions for a Marketing Executive Interview

  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has dropped down to 4.1 percent – the lowest it’s been in nearly 17 years. So, what does this mean for your next marketing executive search and chances to recruit the best talent out there? The staggeringly low unemployment rate means well for the […]

30Aug 2017
digital marketing headhunters

One of the most powerful assets any marketer can have for job hunting and career growth is a well-developed portfolio. But not all portfolios are created equal, and it’s possible to maximize the value from yours and get an edge over competition for your dream jobs. Marketing portfolios aren’t just for creatives these days. Nearly […]

11Jul 2017
marketing temp agencies

Have you been on a website recently that wasn’t mobile friendly, or struggled with a frustrating ecommerce experience? While not an entirely new concept, user experience continues to go without the needed consideration and care from too many businesses. If you’re one of them, you’re losing new customers and revenue. Many organizations still fall behind […]

05Jul 2017
social media staffing agencies

Marketers, still treating your resume and LinkedIn profiles more or less the same? If so, you’re probably utilizing one (or both) the wrong way. Your resume and LinkedIn account are undoubtedly among the best tools available to market your professional skills, experience and talent to marketing recruiting firms and potential employers. Unfortunately, many marketing professionals […]

06Jun 2017
Marketers That Can Help Ad Block-Proof Your Online Media Strategy

If you pay for online advertising, odds are good that at least some of your ads have been automatically removed from the screen of your target audience by a technology called ad blocking. As advertising recruiters, we’ve watched this rapidly-growing trend transform the digital media landscape in recent years. Businesses need to be proactive in working […]

01Aug 2016

Do you think you’re leaving money on the table due to your segmentation practices? In the year of the customer, we encourage you to partake in a big data executive search to settle your uncertainty and combat the following issues. Our big data recruiters, who are also marketers, strive to seek new ways to improve the […]

21Jun 2016
social media recruiters hire talent

For better or worse, the world of social media has created unprecedented opportunities for employers and digital marketing recruiters to peer “beyond the resume” and into the personalities and lives of job candidates. An individual’s activity on social accounts can provide unique insights into an individual’s character. It shows their creativity, digital literacy, and the […]

25May 2016
digital marketing specialists burnout

Marketing is changing quickly, and more is being demanded of its practitioners with every passing year. In addition to traditional advertising and brand responsibilities, digital marketing specialists are adopting new jobs from technology decision makers to digital gatekeepers to customer experience shepherds on a constant basis. The growing tide of work and demands without a corresponding […]

23May 2016

Digital advertising staffing has been struggling for a long time to nail down exactly the best way to leverage video. It seems obvious that video consumption is exploding online and so has lots of potential to drive considerable results. However, even someone brought in from a recent advertising executive search might not have a great […]

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