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One of the most important parts of thriving in a job you love is working somewhere with good work-life balance. Even people who truly love their job need plenty of time to pursue personal passions and spend time with people they love. Luckily for marketers, there are plenty of career paths that lead to jobs with […]

I’ve been a community manager for four years in two separate communities. And I’ve even been on the other side of community management for 12 years now as a member of Pearl Jam’s online message boards (as well as in their fan club – priority seats!). Online communities can be valuable resources for #marketers with a cautious, […]

  Think social media is only useful for branding and product awareness? You’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what exceptional social media management staffing can bring to the table. Effectively leveraging the right social networks not only provides value to your customers–it can also improve job satisfaction within your own company. Companies with […]

As its ROI has become more apparent and supporting systems and strategies have grown in accessibility, content has become one of the hottest topics in all of marketing. But as interest has grown, many companies are left wondering what the best way to create and execute a content strategy is. One of the biggest decisions […]

Bringing your creative in-house has the potential to be a tremendous long-term investment and cost-saver. But most businesses lack the sophisticated organizational infrastructure needed to properly support and use an internal creative team, and almost all lack the experience and understanding needed to facilitate such a transition. Without the right leadership and oversight, an internalization […]

Having a well-optimized digital experience prepared for your customers has never been more important. But at a time when reliable access to UX expertise has become critical for digital survival, many organizations find themselves desperately scrambling to find the talent needed to create the interfaces their audiences demand. 94% of first brand impressions are UX design-related. If […]

Contrary to the annual obituaries declaring it’s dead, SEO remains alive and well–and as critically important to your business as ever. About half of web traffic is still driven by organic search–valuable visitors to your web properties and content that you can convert into customers. But to get your slice of the online traffic pie, […]

It’s no secret that the best marketing organizations are transitioning into analytically-based operations that make empirical decisions based on meticulously gathered data. But if you’re growing into a digitally-oriented, data-driven organization at the expense of your marketing creative, you’re setting yourself up for long-term mediocrity. With the growing popularity and capabilities of marketing analytics, data and creative […]

There’s no question that the right tools can make all the difference in working as part of a remote team. And that’s a good thing, since telecommuting is becoming more and more popular–about 3.5 million professionals already regularly work from home, and that figure is growing by about 12% per year. Marketing in general (and […]

MarketPro has partnered with an international trade association in Atlanta, GA  in search of a contract Marketing & Content Specialist. We are currently seeking someone who has strong writing and project management skills. You will be responsible for strategizing, developing, and implementing digital content and marketing activities for a variety of marketing collateral. You will […]