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The marketing landscape continuously evolves at a brisk pace, leaving digital marketing specialists with no choice but to keep up in a highly penetrated industry. Such demanding circumstances can be overwhelming for even the most experienced marketers – with so many distinct disciplines, it’s impossible to be an expert in each one. So, how do […]

Have you been on a website recently that wasn’t mobile friendly, or struggled with a frustrating ecommerce experience? While not an entirely new concept, user experience continues to go without the needed consideration and care from too many businesses. If you’re one of them, you’re losing new customers and revenue. Many organizations still fall behind […]

Some big things are happening in the world of on-demand video and video production staffing that should make you take another look. 78% of people now watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day, according to Hubspot. Live streaming is exploding on a variety of platforms. And new technology, like 360-degree […]

Live streaming is growing dramatically in popularity. And like almost all emerging media enabled by new technology, there are numerous potential applications for innovative marketing organizations to take advantage of. Live streaming enables your brand to immediately, directly, and in real-time reach, entertain, and communicate with your audience through video communication. It’s powerful, but comes […]

The makeup of a competitive marketing team is constantly evolving, with critical new positions forming and traditional roles shifting to take advantage of innovative technology and tactics; 2017 will continue to shake up the formula for a “complete marketing team” for any given business. While not every organization will be recruiting digital marketers to fill every emerging marketing position, […]

Update: As marketers we are life-long learners. Our skills never stop evolving and we are always on the prowl for what’s next. Therefore, we updated this post with recent information to further evolve the skillsets of creatives. Update: 4 Mind-Blowing Creative Marketing Resumes That Go Above and Beyond Your Paper CV Make an impression with […]

“The difference between the forgettable and the enduring is artistry.” Advertising giant Bill Bernbach’s words still hold true decades after he transformed the agency creative process in the 1960s by being the first to bring together the copywriter and the art director into one force. Since then, copy and design have been inextricably bound, each […]

Content marketing staffing must be flexible and use as many tools as possible to get their content in front of the right eyes and drive traffic and brand awareness. Guest blogging is one of those key tactics that can be executed with clever use of digital creative staffing, and it even has the bonus benefit of […]

Here you’ll find just how to structure and manage content marketing staffing from an organizational perspective, including what skillsets they ought to get and who to employ, according to a writer for CMO.com. Structuring Your Content Marketing Staffing The initial point out notice is the fact that you approach a level structure. Rather than having subteams, which may be […]