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The "secret" to our success as the top data scientist recruiter lies in our unparalleled perspective on marketing and data science. Put simply: we understand data science's relationship with marketing in a way nobody else does because we are marketers ourselves. More than a century of marketing experience in a wide gamut of marketing fields gives our data scientist recruiters an insider's view of what's going on in marketing. That gives us an ideal position to not only identify, but engage and attract the top data science minds your business needs.

Why Data Science is the Sexiest Profession

Matt Kuperholz, Partner, PwC spoke at ADMA techmix about the uprising of data science and data visualisation.

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Data Science vs Analytics: The Expertise Your Marketing Needs Most Now

It's easy to understand why: data-based decision making is quickly becoming the status quo for successful marketing operations. Our society will have produced a staggering 400 trillion gigabytes of data by 2018, and businesses must be able to handle their share if they expect to grow through the near future. Read more

7 Questions to Distinguish a Good Marketing Data Scientist from a Great One

There's a vast amount of money tied into the success of Big Data. And every self-proclaimed marketing data scientist wants you to believe that they're the genius who will be able to tease industry-changing information from a set of numbers and some code. To be sure; some of them can. But not all will be as successful, and discerning between the two is a substantial challenge. Read more

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Are you an experienced data scientist or marketing data analyst? See our open data jobs nationwide.

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