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The single most important trend in the marketing landscape right now is the push to make everything more analytical and data-driven. Although the rise of technology has raised the need for advanced analytical and technical skills in marketing, creative marketers are always in demand. As a matter of fact, unique creative thinking will become increasingly […]

You may have heard of “design-based strategy” or read recently how design-led companies are seeing great success. But if you’re unfamiliar with the term and aren’t a creatively-minded person yourself, you might not fully appreciate what it means or how it could affect your business. In reality, this approach to business can be extremely powerful […]

As a creative talent agency, we frequently encounter and hire professionals with elaborate, immaculately designed marketing, creative, and digital portfolios. The portfolio is a staple career growth and job hunting asset among creatives. Understandably so: they’re a perfect match. Many of these portfolios, whether in an online or physical edition, are veritable art galleries. They display […]

With every passing year, business becomes an increasingly global activity. Even small, locally focused firms are influenced by international cultures, supply chains that wrap around the world, and the ebb and flow of global market forces. As we’ve been hiring marketing staff and leadership for the last 20 years, we’ve watched businesses and marketing departments of […]

Update: As marketers we are life-long learners. Our skills never stop evolving and we are always on the prowl for what’s next. Therefore, we updated this post with recent information to further evolve the skillsets of creatives. Update: 4 Mind-Blowing Creative Marketing Resumes That Go Above and Beyond Your Paper CV Make an impression with […]

Update: As marketers there is plenty of uncertainty and continuous learning in our profession. Enhancing and evolving your skills should be priority on your list of things to do to remain relevant in the job market. So we updated this posts with additional information on what skills are valuable to marketers and how you can […]