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Ensure your company is prepared to optimize lead generation and increase profits by properly utilizing your content marketing with some of these pointers constructed by the CMO at Slack, Bill Macaitis. Engage with the top demand generation recruiters to create a more advantageous environment for your quickly-growing business. These observations were done by Bill Macaitis, CMO […]

 As a marketer who pays attention to the latest trends, updates, and developments it’s imperative for content marketing recruiters to remain abreast of the quickly-evolving world of content marketing. Below are some secrets and tips from marketers regarding their biggest content challenges. Producing good content is effort for manufacturers. One constant issue in the Digiday […]

Popularity on Social Shows Video Staffing Is Staying The access to video, let alone video marketing was extremely limited shy of a decade ago. However, that has changed immensely. Today everyone has an opportunity to partake in the video trend. Social sights have taken advantage and have taken off exponentially as their sights harbor more video […]

As content marketing recruiters, our clients frequently asks us what we think should be qualities of a content marketer. The short answer? Content marketing requires diversity in thought and application, so should your marketer. Our content marketing staffing agency vet new hires for these two qualities first. Experience and creativity are priceless for this role. Content […]

How Do International Brands Cater to Their Customer’s Needs Intimately? Our Social Media Recruiters React Through the lenses of our social media recruiters we don’t see much difference either way. Well for one, it’s just customized to their language and location. Marketing resources may be stretched and having one base creative makes it much easier to roll […]

As its ROI has become more apparent and supporting systems and strategies have grown in accessibility, content has become one of the hottest topics in all of marketing. But as interest has grown, many companies are left wondering what the best way to create and execute a content strategy is. One of the biggest decisions […]

Businesses are committing to content marketing more heavily than ever as its payoff becomes more and more apparent. One essential pillar of a company’s comprehensive content marketing strategy is the corporate blog. For most organizations, the company blog “should” be a relatively easy win; digital territory they can easily control and build up to be the voice […]