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People are drawn to valuable, entertaining, informative content. If you create quality media and promote it effectively, your inbound marketing efforts will have people in need of your product coming to you as a resource for valuable information, assistance and entertainment.

With the right content marketing staffing talent you can become an industry authority and thought leader, improving your brand image in the eyes of consumers and putting your products top-of-mind when they decide to make a purchase. With MarketPro you can easily assemble a team to generate great content and create the strategic support it needs to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

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How to Build and Organize a Team of Content Marketing Staffing

Here you'll find just how to structure and manage content marketing staffing from an organizational perspective, including what skillsets they ought to get and who to employ, according to a writer for Read more

How Content Marketing Staffing Can Push for Bigger Budgets

Unique and compelling content has always been a scarce and valuable commodity on the web. Consumers, brands, software companies, and even search engines have created a booming industry around creating, organizing, consuming, sharing, and measuring content. With the wide adoption of social media and maturity of email, sales, and marketing automation platforms, content is more important than ever before to digital staffing of all kinds. Read more

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01Jun 2016

By now it should be apparent to any strong digital marketing professional that SEO is a key component of any successful digital strategy. One of the hardest parts of modern SEO, as most SEO consultants will tell you, is link building; finding ways to get other reputable and relevant sites to link to your own. […]

24May 2016

It might seem intuitive to think that most content is made primarily for consumer audiences, and that content marketing staffing wouldn’t be especially effective as part of a complete B2B marketing strategy. But as the B2B internet marketing consultants we work with and recruit on a regular basis indicate just the opposite; content, with the […]

13Apr 2016

Big Changes in Store for Strategic Marketing Consultants Strategic marketing consultants need to consider a slew of other tactics to contend with changes in consumer behavior and technology. Here’s a look at why you would be remiss not using them in your campaign strategy. 4 things strategic #marketingconsultants should be watching for this year Click To Tweet […]

07Apr 2016

The last few weeks of the year are always a busy time for industry publications and authoritative content producers. Everyone’s getting for a brand new year, gearing up for the challenges and opportunities to come. Marketing is no different, and as a top content marketing staffing agency a lot of people look to us for […]

30Mar 2016

As B2B marketing recruiters, one distressing trend we’ve seen time and again with B2B orgs is the neglecting of video content. We’ve seen firsthand how quality, relevant videos developed by talented content marketing staffing can help a brand stand out among a crowd and attract leads. Luckily, video is becoming more and more popular as […]

24Mar 2016

We found these thoughts from Erika Trautman to provide some incredibly valuable insights on how video content marketing staffing can easily go astray and fail to deliver the expected ROI. Video content can be a considerable investment, so it’s important to be sure your content marketing recruitment strategy is on point to make the most of your […]

07Mar 2016

  Blogging on your own site and on the web properties of others has been a staple tactic to compliment content marketing staffing and SEO staffing alike for some time now. It’s easy to determine that guest blog posting is probably a digital marketing tactic worth considering for yourself–but how should your brand respond when approached […]

04Mar 2016

Podcasts aren’t a new digital channel, but advertisers are understandably regaining interest as they look for new ways to engage consumers and avoid ad blocking. An astute digital advertising staffing strategy can put your brand on podcasts with key influencers and highly niche audiences. Podcasts, long a staple of content marketing staffing, provide an alternative […]

02Mar 2016

Content marketing staffing must be flexible and use as many tools as possible to get their content in front of the right eyes and drive traffic and brand awareness. Guest blogging is one of those key tactics that can be executed with clever use of digital creative staffing, and it even has the bonus benefit of […]

23Feb 2016

As a B2B marketing recruitment firm, we’ve seen all too often a lack of a cohesive, strategic approach to content among B2B organizations. Content isn’t just for consumers–it’s for decision makers at businesses as well. That’s why it’s important for every innovative company to have a strong content strategy supported as needed by inbound and […]

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